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Chemistry education software, whether in the form of chemistry lab simulations, data acquisition programs or visualization tools, will have a profound impact on teaching chemistry in the coming years. At the same time, issues such as increasing costs of science education, limited laboratory time and the emergence of the virtual classroom are also making an impact.

Model Science Software is commited to working with chemistry educators to provide them with the software tools they need to face these changes.

Some Features of Model ChemLab:

  • Allows users to perform interactive chemistry labs simulations
  • Emphasizes the critical principles and techniques of experimental chemistry
  • Ideal for a lab run-throughs, demonstrations, pre-lab work, and labs that otherwise could not be performed due to time constraints or hazards
  • Includes labs on Acid-Base Titration, Specific Heat, Fractional Crystallization, Gravimetric Analysis, Volumetric Analysis, Atomic Weight, Cation and Anion Reaction, Redox Titration, Reaction Kinetics and others
  • Lab Wizard tool allows educators to create their own lab simulations

More on Model ChemLab and Chemistry Education

Periodic Tables:

Web Based Periodic Table (English)

Web Based Periodic Table (Spanish/Español)

Web Based Periodic Table (French/Français)

Web Based Periodic Table (Italian/Italiano)

new2.gif (111 bytes)Model Periodic Table Web App

new2.gif (111 bytes)Model Periodic Table for Chrome OS

new2.gif (111 bytes)Model Periodic Table for Windows 10

List of online courses offering college & high school credit that use ChemLab
Applied Chemistry for Non-Majors (84.101) - University of Massachusetts Lowell
High School and Honors Chemistry - North Star Academy
General Chemistry, Chem-115-800C - University of Wisconsin-Stout
General Chemistry Lab Online, CHM L142 - Troy State University Montgomery
General, Organic & Biochemistry I, CHEM2508 - Southeast Technical
Introduction to chemistry SC174 - Iowa CC Online
Introductory Chemistry - North Iowa Community College
Grade 11 Chemistry - Ontario Independent Learning Centre (ILC)
High School Chemistry -The Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA)
High School Chemistry - North Dakota's Divsion of Independent Study
Química General - QUIM2111 - Universidad InterAmericana de Peurto Rico
General College Chemistry I - Colorado Community College Online

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