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Educators seeking to create on-line course material for chemistry are faced with a difficult challenge. They must either exclude the hands-on lab component, have the student come to the institution to perform labs or provide the student with a wet lab kits to perform at home. These options raise  serious liability, cost, logistical and quality problems.

Another option is to have the student run a computer simulation such as Model ChemLab. Model ChemLab is the most complete implementation of a virtual chemistry lab ever developed. ChemLab is the ideal tool for the instructor trying to develop a quality distance education chemistry course. 

Using Model ChemLab in Distance Learning

With Model ChemLab installed on his or her computer, a student can perform a lab simulation, record the observations and save the results to a file. These LAB files contain observations as well as capture the current state of the simulation. After files are sent to the course instructor via e-mail, evaluation is based upon the experimental results as well as equipment layout.

Used this way, Model ChemLab does not replace chemistry textbooks. It is simply used in place of the labs that are part of the wider course curriculum. Instructors can choose simulations from among those provided with the software or they can create their own using the Lab Wizard that comes with the Professional Edition. Hence, Model ChemLab can be easily integrated into any general chemistry course.

Instructors can arrange to have their students obtain ChemLab on-line from the Model Science web store, or the school can purchase a multi-user license from Model Science for ChemLab or arrange to have their bookstore sell ChemLab to their students.

Model Science Software can also provide technical and marketing assistance to instructors interested in developing distance education courses that use Model ChemLab.

If you have any questions about using ChemLab for a distance learning course or would like a demonstration or have already developed an online course that uses Model ChemLab that you would like highlighted please contact us at: info@modelscience.com.

Examples of ChemLab use in Distance Learning

Students enrolled in the University of Massachusetts Lowell's CyberEd program can "strike a balance between education and life." Online degree programs offered over the World Wide Web enable mature students with work and family responsibilities to further their education in the midst of a busy life. Those who take applied chemistry for non-majors perform Model ChemLab simulations from home or at the office without wasting time travelling to campus.

At the University of Wisconsin-Stout students taking Chem-115-800C, General Chemistry, can earn 5 credit hours (4 credits of lecture and 1 credit lab - using ChemLab as a virtual lab).

At Troy State University Montgomery students taking CHM L142, General Chemistry Lab Online, are able to complete the lab portion for General Chemistry (CHM 1142) and earn an extra credit hour using ChemLab as a virtual lab.

At New Mexico Junior College students taking CH114 can meet their chemistry requirements while working full-time. Instead of arranging their schedule around available on campus lab time, they can perform Model ChemLab simulations at home on their own time. With the Internet students do not even have to live in the vicinity of a college campus in order to submit assignments.

At Jefferson County's Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) students can earn a credit taking high school chemistry with Lab. Jefferson County VLA is a K-12 Online Curriculum Provider, offering over 100 full year and semester courses for students. VLA courses are developed by Highly Qualified Teachers and demonstrate the integration of technology skills and 21st Century Learning. VLA can also serve as the online learning component of a blended learning model, supporting both synchronous and asynchronous learning and communication with face-to-face and online teacher-student interaction.

At North Star Academy, a Christian on-line school custom-tailored for home schoolers and families living overseas, students can complete High School and Honors Chemistry using ChemLab software.

The Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA) is a statewide, web-based educational program set up under the direction of the Idaho State Board of Education and Idaho State Legislature to provide Idaho students with greater access to a diverse assortment of courses. This virtual high school was created to address the educational needs of all Idaho students: traditional, home schooled, at-risk, gifted, and adult learners. Students use Model ChemLab as a virtual chemistry lab in their high school chemistry programs.

At St. Paul's Academy, a virtual high school serving Alberta, students in a rural setting who do not have access to a chemistry lab can still learn about the principles and techniques of experimental chemistry by performing Model ChemLab simulations. Parents who are homeschooling their children get feedback from teachers who receive completed lab assignments via e-mail.

The US Army uses Model ChemLab in Germany for a college level general chemistry course. Students are shipped a ChemLab CD and the course is taught through a college based in Chicago.  

List of online courses offering college & high school credit that use ChemLab
Applied Chemistry for Non-Majors (84.101) - University of Massachusetts Lowell
High School and Honors Chemistry - North Star Academy
AP Chemistry for Homeschoolers - ChemAdvantage
College Chemistry I & II - Iowa Lakes Community College; Iowa CC Online
General Chemistry, Chem-115-800C - University of Wisconsin-Stout
General Chemistry, CHM 122 - Clinton Community College; Iowa CC Online
General, Organic & Biochemistry I, CHEM2508 - Southeast Technical
High School Chemistry - Virtual Learning Academy - Jefferson County ESC
High School Chemistry -The Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA)
Introductory Chemistry - North Iowa Community College
High School Chemistry - North Dakota's Divsion of Independent Study
Química General - QUIM2111 - Universidad InterAmericana de Peurto Rico
Current Concepts of Chemistry 114 - New Mexico Junior College


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