New Development & Research

Model Science is actively pursuing the developing of new applications for biotech and physics. Users who are interested in simulation applications in these areas can pass along suggestions, including labs, to Model Science for consideration. Additional information will be posted soon.

Model Science Software is also involved in the development of new Internet based approaches to science education. The promise of distance learning, where geography is no longer a limitation, is great. However, there are technical and social problems associated with this approach. Model Science is studying ways to seamlessly integrate our software applications with the Internet.

Model Science Software is also interested in applied research on the factors that underlie effective science teaching and learning. This includes understanding how interest and motivation develop in science and mathematics, how students learn complex concepts in science and mathematics, how they learn to apply these concepts effectively in problem-solving situations. We are also interested in the effects and significance of direct experience in the learning process versus computer simulation or VR.


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