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    Awards & Review

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    Benefits of Registration:
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Full list of lab simulations
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Free ChemLab updates and future lab additions.
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Free Technical Support.
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Discounts on future Model Science products.
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Fully Functional LabWizard (Professional Version)
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Create Lab Demonstrations files (Professional Version)
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Model Periodic Table with quiz feature
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Integration with RasMol - Molecular viewer
    What's New
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)ChemLab v2.6.2 release for Windows
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Added Caffeine Extraction Lab
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Added Volume Lab
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Added Paper Chromatography lab
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Updated Periodic Table v2.0 with advance quiz
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Added Light-Catalyzed Bromination of Hexane lab
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Added Standardization of a NaOH Solution lab
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Added Separatory Funnel
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Added Light Source
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Added show Meniscus option
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Nuclear chemistry Lab
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Half life Lab
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Added Timers for lab equipment.
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Added Geiger counter with track assembly.
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Added 35ml pipet.
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Added Buret equipment option to show scale or actual volume.
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Sign and timestamp install file with a Microsoft Authenticode Certificate.
    Updated LabWizard v1.10
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Added Lab Wizard Flame Lab options
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Added Lab Wizard conductivity meter options
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Added Lab WIzard Light source option
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Added Lab Wizard metal wire equipment option
    arrow1.gif (63 bytes)Added Lab Wizard Atmospheric gas option

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