Model ChemLab Updates Status

Model ChemLab v3.0 for Windows

Last Update: February 13, 2024 (v3.0 - build 150)

Change Log:

Build 150 - Changes Centigram balance to support balance lab, changes to dialog fonts and rearrangement of text toolbar

Build 147 - Corrections to Calorimetry, flame and Electrochemistry labs and other bug fixes

Build 146 - Initial release of Spanish, French and Italian versions

Build 145 - Initial release of ChemLab v3.0 Professional versions in English (Sept 13, 2023)

Build 144 - Initial release of Chemlab v3.0 Standard version in English (Sept 7, 2023), including:

  • Updated graphic engine to match Mac and iPad versions with more realistic lab graphics.
  • Adds improved animation for pouring, stirring, shaking, flames, bubbles and precipitates.
  • Includes support for higher resolution displays.

ChemLab Standard v3.0 for Windows is now available for purchase through our online store.

Existing users can contact Model Science for details on obtaining an upgrade.

Model ChemLab v5.0 (64bit) for MacOS

Is now released and available for purchase through our online store.

Free evaluation software is also now available from our downloads page.

ChemLab v5 for MacOS also features new more realistic graphics:

Return to this page often to check on the status of ChemLab updates.

Last Update: Jan 25th, 2021 (v5.11 - build 78)

Change Log:

Build 78 - Add Vapor Pressure lab experiment and equipment to ChemLab.

Build 76 - Added Molecular Viewer, LeChatelier's principle in Cobalt complex and alcohol oxidation experiment to ChemLab.

Build 74 - Adds Spanish langauge support, corrects shake menu in procedure menu.

Build 70 - adds csv file export to titration curve.

Build 67 - Adds French langauge support. Also add a menu item for our online periodic table web app.

Build 66 - Adds support for .rtfd files to LabWizard tool to allow embedded images in lab documentation. Corrects issue with titration data curve when running acid base simulation without temperature plot and then a case with temperature plot (Heat of Neutralization lab).

Build 58 - Adds Separatory Funnel and Caffeine Extraction labs to ChemLab for MacOS. Corrects problem with adding Buncher funnel to flask (when flask is added using context menu). Changes the handling of liquids volumes in the LabWizard engine for chemicals in solution.

Build 55 - Model ChemLab Professional now available with LabWizard tool for MacOS.

Build 54 - Adds eye dropper and Evaporation dish to ChemLab equipment list. Also adds "Show in Finder" context menu option to lab list dialog. Fixes bug related to the boiling away of water in salt solution.

Build 53 - Corrects bug with indicator color change for pH when pH value is not shown. Changes the Stopcock dialog to match v4. Adds splint for flame test in oxygen rich environment. Adds shake menu option (blows out splint flame). Corrects issue with resetting lab file 'udl property' when new lab is started.

Build 43 - Corrects issues with "Open Recent" and "File Save" menu options.

Build 40 - Corrects problem with rendering certain lab objects (gas syringes, paper chromatography, UV-light, nuclear setup track and combined lab objects) when saved lab files are opened. Also 30+ labs are now also available with Italian documentation.

Build 33 - Adds keyboard selection of lab items for Accessibility (Command+ left or right arrow key), selected items can now also be moved using arrow keys. User interface is now available in Italian. 8 labs are also available with Italian documentation.

Build 31 - Adds copy and paste for single pieces of lab equipment. Adds dipping of metal wire in containers.

Build 29 - Adds Paper Chromatography lab, Preferences dialog, temperature scale can now be changed in Preferences, print button is now enabled in toolbar.

Build 24 - Adds scale zoom to centigram balance and dials to hotplate/Magnetic stirrer.

Build 20 - Fixes issue with displaying UDL files with lower case file extension (.udl) in the simulation dialog box.

Build 19 - Fixes display of electronic scale (3 decimal place accuracy), enables the stirring option for the hotplate/magnetic stirrer.

Build 17 - Adds support for printing observations, UDL files can now be added using file open menu.

Build 16 - Adds Gas Buret and Molar Volume of H2 lab.

Build 15 - Adds 50ml Buret.

Build 14 - Adds Unknown Acid Base Lab, updates title bar with file and lab name.

Build 10 - Adds Volume lab and corrects problems with Gas Syringe.

Build 9 - Adds titration curve, fixes bug with opening and saving files (.lab files) which use UDL simulation.

Build 8 - fixes file "save" bug, adds volumetric flasks, adds drip emission layer to distillation equipment and sorts the lab list based on file name.


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