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5 Cow Rating - Tucows's Highest Rating


aaas_icon.gif (4161 bytes) ++ Rating - Highly Recommended - Science Books & Films  Journal - American Association for the Advancement of Science

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Software Pick,  Call for Help - Tech TV Network 


ROCKETDOWN.COM 5 Rockets Rating - Stupendous;


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Finalist: Pirelli INTERNETional Award, an international multimedia award for the spread of  scientific culture.

cnet-10000-title.gif (3268 bytes) Top CNET - Ten software download for a brighter school year


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Technology; Virtually Science
By Nancy Beth Jackson
Education Life Supplement, Sunday New York Times


globeandmail.gif (3228 bytes)

Software Pick: Globe and Mail Technology Section


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ZDNet Editors' Pick 5 star rating


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CTI Centre for Chemistry - Software Review by Wynne Evans, University of Glamorgan

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FERL On- Line (Further Education Resources for Learning) - Software Review


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Featured Software, npsoft.org

Software for Schools & not for profits

EditorsPickAward.gif (2879 bytes)

Editor's Pick, Software Seekers


5star_filehun.gif (2486 bytes)

File Hungry: 5 Star rating


im_software.gif (6829 bytes)

ScienceMan Software Reviews


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Finalist Ziff-Davis Shareware Award for Secondary and Adult Education


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BEST OF THE NET AWARD, & Freeware for MACs and PCs, The Mining Company


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